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Music, Art, Movement, Mindfulness, Signing, classroom resources and teacher training. All in one place and build on the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence and delivered by musicians and artists.

Teaching is a passion not a vocation and you deserve all the support you can get to embrace that passion.

How familiar do these sound?

Why did we make Createway?

We are passionate about creative arts education and we truly believe that a creative approach will get the best from your class. Creative thinking is key. When the world changed and as we all experienced the move to online learning, throughout the Covid-19 epidemic, we realised we had the potential to share our creative lessons with you too and not just with the schools we work with face-to-face.

Lets Embrace

Createway is the solution.

Engaging with art is essential to the human experience. It allows us to feel empathy and make sense of the world around us and center ourselves within it.

Here’s what it’s all about…

Why is Createway Different ?

Createway is produced and filmed in Scotland by specialists working in the education system right now. So we truly understand what is needed to support you and your students properly.

Our lessons are modern, utilising animation and film techniques to create interesting lessons that are creative – like their subject.

Our content is designed to support you, the teacher, to learn too. It is not a replacement for your creativity but designed to inspire and grow it. Utilise our lesson extension activities, CPD training and Kids TV series to inspire new lessons and growth in your classroom.

Our database of lessons is supported by other resources to enable your continued learning and to inspire you to be great at what you do (even more great!). Listen to our podcast, The Creative Education Podcast, for industry news and advice from experts in education, creative arts and psychology.

Who is Createway?

Keith Bell, Music and Art Specialist.
Emmeline McCracken, Music Therapist and Community Musician.

We are Keith and Emmeline, other wise know as Createway. We have worked together for several years and in 2020, as the world dealt with the fallout of the Covid-19 epidemic, we launched Createway to embrace the new digital teaching revolution. We are all about creative learning, there is nothing you can’t teach through utilising the arts.

We both work in mainstream and ASN settings here in Scotland and we know how hard it can be to balance lesson planning, getting the best out of your pupils, evidencing progress and chasing down opportunities for your own continued professional development. We realise that not everyone thinks of themselves as having a ‘creative brain’ and that music, art, movement, mindfulness and creative education can be challenging, especially with a shortage of specialist teachers to give their input.

So we have shared our passion for creative education online to help you develop your own creative skills and confidence, and to reach as many classrooms with our creative arts expertise as possible. We truly want Scotland to embrace their creativity and for a whole generation of students and teachers to develop their skills for interpreting the world, and their place in it, through art and music.

What does a membership include?

Our extensive database of video lessons in music, art, movement, mindfulness, focus activities and many more

Our Library of Lesson Level Ups and other resources to improve the lessons you already teach and to extend the ones we teach too!

Our CPD Staff training Lessons like Using Green Screen, Reading Music Notation, and Understanding the Creative Process, plus many more.

Curriculum for Excellence documentation, lesson plans and learning intentions for all lessons to save you a lot of time!

Supporting activities for our podcast ‘The Creative Education Podcast’ and TV series ‘Trashband’ to help you get the best out of these, for you and your class.

Your own dedicated section within your membership to keep track of lessons you are using and the ability to bookmark lessons you want to try next.

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Schools and Larger Group Memberships.

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