Well That’s Just Trash……Band

You may have seen that we recently launched Series 2 of Trash Band. In the first episode Keith and Emmeline find themselves in The Living Art Gallery and begin to explore the music, art and magic all around them in the mysterious gallery.

Although we are sure you will enjoy our journey though series two as we explore new places and new music, it might not make a lot of sense without watching Series 1 – which you can find here:

S1 Ep6 : Trash and Tiaras Black Tie Ball

We created Series 1 of Trash Band in collaboration with Orchard Brae School, ELM Music Therapy and The Rhythm Box during the COVID-19 Lockdown. Prior to this we had an in person Trash Band that we had started in 2017 at Orchard Brae School when it first opened. We aimed to explore everyday objects and the sounds they made! During lockdown making music out of everyday objects was ideal as everyone could join in from home without the necessity for any ‘conventional’ instruments (or the expense that come with buying them)!

S1 Ep 12 : Pirate Adventure

Throughout series 1 the story of our ‘mysterious composer’ develops as he leave clues for Keith and Emmeline to follow – this will continue in Series 2. We were also very privileged to be joined by several Aberdeen local celebs including Jeff & Lauren from Northsound 1 and Dame Evelyn Glennie. Over the course of the series we attended a classical concert, an afterparty, went through the airport, on holiday to Trinidad and Tobago and embarked on a pirate adventure round the Caribbean in a magic bottle. Every episode is full of music to play along with and utilises Makaton too to make it accessible and inclusive for all.

S1 Ep13 : Pirate Adventure

We are very grateful to Orchard Brae school for their ongoing support & encouragement of Trash Band and we are excited to begin our Series 2 adventure with you all, so grab your trash and join in!

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