Createway is Coming Soon

Welcome to our first every Createway Blog! We are absolutely delighted that you are interested in Createway and in embracing the solution to all of your creative curriculum needs.

Firstly, we wanted to explain a bit about why we have decided to start ‘Createway’.

We both work frequently within a variety of schools and one of the most frequent things we hear as being a pain point for teachers is the lack of;

  • Funding
  • Time
  • Resources
  • Availability and
  • Knowledge

with regards to creative arts teaching. We therefore wanted to create the perfect solution for this and the idea of ‘Createway’ was born! We want all pupils to have access to high quality creative arts lessons and not for only for 1 term a year or to the detriment of the classroom teacher. We have fully integrated Makaton in our videos with an aim of making them entirely accessible and inclusive for all pupils– there is something for everyone!

We are providing an entire database with easy to find progressive lessons, plans, additional activities and more for; music, drumming, art, mindfulness, movement and more. Teachers will not have to log into different accounts and websites to find a lesson for each topic – they will all be there and very easily accessible!

The videos also aim to empower the teachers in their confidence in teaching these lessons in the future – in particular the additional activities.

With all lessons currently being taught by us (Keith & Emmeline) it also means that you and your pupils will get to know us and become familiar with the way we teach.

We cannot wait to visit you in your classroom soon!

Keith & Emmeline

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