Designing The Sound of Createway

At Createway we love all things creative and we also love working with other creative people. We were very lucky to have composer Benjamin McMillan write our opening ‘sting’ which you can see in the video above.

A recognisable sting to accompany a logo along with visuals onscreen is a natural part of what we all now expect when we consume television and cinema online. From the Netflix ‘Ba-dum’ to the instantly recognisable 20th Century Fox drum beat intro, from the Dreamworks guitar riff to the Pixar lamp and its sound effects in place of music they are everywhere and now, thanks to Benjamin we have our very own opening sting.

Benjamin studied composition in Aberdeen before winning a prodigious scholarship to attend New York University.

Along side acclaimed traditional fiddler, Paul Anderson, Benjamin won VisitAberdeenshire’s ‘Sound of the North East’ competition. The aim was to create a piece of music that encapsulated the North East of Scotland, highlighting it’s history, innovation and mystery. The 10 minute orchestral work featuring Paul playing the fiddle will be used over the next few years to bring tourism to Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire.

Benjamin’s work is rich and emotive, full of orchestral depth and sensitively aligned to match the images onscreen he’s composing to. He expertly reflects the mood of his subject and enhances the visuals with a broad soundscape.

Check out some more of his work below.

To find out more about Benjamin’s work visit or find him on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube using the links below.

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